Hi i will explain playing online with your friends.

  1. Method: If you connect on same WI-Fi please do these:

Step 1: Create a new world on singleplayer


Step 2: Enter the game and, click “esc” and click Open to LAN


Step 3: After click Open to LAN , game will give you a screen:

Choose your options and Start LAN World

After that there is code on the chat:

Mine is 52015 but it is mine do not take this code take your code on the chat.

Step 4: (I will take my code but you will take your code) Your friend(s) click multiplayer and click “Direct Connect”

Step 5: After you click “Direct Connect” there is a Blank, fill in the blank with your code

Write your code (but your friend-s- do this)

Step 6: And then click “Join Server”

AND … TA-DAA Enjoy it play with your friends.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is will work If you , connect on the same internet(WI-FI)

IMPORTANT NOTE 2 : If it say can not connect or like this error, try again. Or you can see your friend’s server on the multiplayer part click this it is will open the map after that enjoy it play with your friends

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If you have problems about this please make comment i will try help you (sorun yaşarsanız yorum yapın elimden geldiğince yardım edeceğim)

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